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Who Want Lasting Natural Sexual Intimacy

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ERECTILE DYSFUNCTION - BE GONE - Get treatment remedy help and off-set symptoms of ED with our new invention. 

Wearable suction cup gives instant automatic erection boosting vacuum for lasting intimate sexual pleasure.

After 1 to 3 minutes you can set the suction cup aside and continue natural intimate sexual enjoyment with your partner.

The 2BVAC is a fast vacuum producing invention - you get immediate male erection enhancement without medicines. 

The 2BVAC is PATENTED and NO other product matches this intimacy preserving erection boosting approach. To review the US Patent Office technical details of our Newly Issued US Patent #8690754 Click Here.

Health clinic research has revealed that starting an erection with a partial vacuum can be a simple and effective way of reducing the impact of male ED symptoms.

Our suction cup device is ultra-simple to use letting you maintain sexual intimacy. You can get an erection so fast some consider it an enhancement to normal intimate pleasure.

The above photo shows our basic product. Our suction generating device has NO - wires, batteries, flex-tubing, gauges to watch, or handles to squeeze. It's also made from a medical grade clear material so you can watch your developing progress - if you like.

You Get Five (5) Unique Features found in no other vacuum generating device because the 2BVAC ...

1) Automatically Generates an Erection Boosting Vacuum as You Use It,

2) Is Contoured to Fit, Easy-to-Grip and Comfortable to Wear,

3) Fits So Well, There's No Need for Rubber Constriction Rings around the Opening End,

4) Is a Clear Slightly-Flexible Medical Grade Thermoplastic Product, and

5) Promotes Growth and Lengthening of Available Male Foreskin for More Sensitivity. 

For additional information on the use of our Erection Enhancing Product visit WWW.TRACTALDEVICES.COM

* The National Institute of Health has estimated that the number of American men who have symptoms defined as Erectile Dysfunction range from 15 million to 30 million.

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